DCSIMG Le Festival des Mensonges ARTIST OF THE CITY 2016

Le Festival des Mensonges

São Luiz Teatro Municipal Programme
28 > 29 October
São Luiz Teatro Municipal, Winter Garden

© Agathe Poupeney
© Agathe Poupeney

“Once a year,” Sepulveda tells us, “in Patagonia, peasants get together to spend an entire night telling each other lies.  The most improbable story wins… On a Saturday night, in a bar in Kinshasa, Papa Wemba sings rumba and ndombolo. The audience dance away until the early hours of the morning. Whilst guitars strum against time, people flirt, drink, eat, dance, and sleep on top of tables, waiting for the first collective taxis to arrive… Tonight will not be as long… I would just like to invite our viewers to listen to stories, short stories taken from our everyday lives, but also the great story of a country, rewritten time and time again under different names (Democratic Republic of Congo, former Zaire, former Belgian Congo, former Congo Free State…) and kingdoms. Changing its name as if it would lead to a better future.”

Art Direction: Faustin Linyekula; Starring: Papy Ebotani, Djodjo Kazadi, Faustin Linyekula, Marie-Louise Bibish Mumbu; Lyrics by: Lumumba, Kasa-Vubu, Mobutu, Tshombe, Kabila; Texts written by: Marie-Louise Bibish Mumbu Mes Obsessions: j’y pense et puis je crie! (My obsessions: I think about them and then I shout!); Design by: Papa Mfumu’eto 1er.