DCSIMG Sans-titre by Raimund Hoghe ARTIST OF THE CITY 2016

Sans-titre by Raimund Hoghe

São Luiz Teatro Municipal Programme
2 > 3 November, Wednesday and Thursday
São Luiz Teatro Municipal, Main Room

© Rosa Frank
© Rosa Frank

That’s already one name. Almost a manifesto. The legions of those who do not exactly have the right to be here: people without a rank, without papers, without permanent residencies, crossing over between countries, two worlds, two cultures… We are also reminded of its use within art: untitled denominated to name things which do not have a name in any language, the unnamed or a form which frees itself from easy categorisation, an image which escapes the image in order to capture our attention just that little bit more. For Raimund Hoghe, to create something is a committed action. “I chose Faustin,” he tells us, “because, in spite of our obvious differences, there is a strong and invisible bond that connects us somewhat like a fraternity which already existed between us that we did not know about: we refuse to be victimised or to hold on to our past.  To create something is to fight to keep our dreams alive.” Much more than just a simple encounter between Africa and the West, Raimund Hoghe says that he has conceived Sans-titre as a confrontation, without leaving out significant facts, for example, the great number of people of African descent who are absent from the audience at our European theatres. “This is why,” Raimund Hoghe explains, “that I chose to employ classical music, the absolute symbol of European culture – without a doubt Bach or Purcell – as a counterpoint… or a hiatus.” Which Faustin acknowledges: “This piece”, he admits, “is going to be more political than aesthetic. It’s inevitable.” Cie. Raimund Hoghe

Concept and choreography: Raimund Hoghe; Starring: Faustin Linyekula; Artistic Collaboration: Luca Giacomo Schulte; Lighting design: Raimund Hoghe; Production: Cie Raimund Hoghe