DCSIMG Triptyque Sans Titre ARTIST OF THE CITY 2016

Triptyque Sans Titre

CCB programme
18 > 19 November — 9pm
CCB, Small Auditorium

© Fabienne Wilkin
© Fabienne Wilkin

«In other words, fragments and other recycled sludge that is to say, making the new old.»

“I carry on walking through my native country’s ruins. Who will lend me the words I need to describe the smoke from oil lamps that light up the night, the smell of beer and urine at the Matongé bars in Kinshasa, its glamorous prostitutes and the stupor of its Rumba singers, run-down taxis and the crowds of pedestrians in the morning fog? The commotion inside my head… The rust in my blood… And if they do not give it a name… And on that note, ladies and gentlemen, I wish you goodnight. My name is Kabako, I am Kabako, still Kabako, forever Kabako. It’s me, Kabako. I had a story I wanted to tell you. But I’ve forgotten it. I’m sorry.”

Choreography, scenography and lighting design: Faustin Linyekula; Starring: Papy Ebotani, Djodjo Kazadi, Daddy Kamono, Faustin Linyekula, Edwige Makanzu; Music composed and performed (live) by Joachim Montessuis; Scenography and lighting assistant: Daddy Kamono; Production: Studios Kabako – Virginie Dupray; Coproduction: Halle de la Gombé – French Cultural Centre of Kinshasa, Centre national de la dans – Paris

Tickets: Stalls €15 / Laterals €12,50; Usual Discounts + CCB Membership /Cidade Aberta; 55 minutes