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Artist in the City 2018

Alkantara Festival
Center for Theatre Studies (FLUL)

Cinema Ideal
Cinemateca Portuguesa

Come’out Lisbon
Lisbon Theatre and Film School
Arpad Szenes-Vieira da Silva Museum
Museum of Lisbon

São Luiz Municipal Theatre
Theatre D. Maria II
Temps d’Images Lisbon

The Brazilian author, film and theatre director Christiane Jatahy is the 2018 Artist of the City. Recognised as one of contemporary theatre’s most significant artists, she has presented her work in the most prestigious theatres and festivals in Europe and around the world. Christiane Jatahy’s work, which has been discovered by the Lisbon public in recent years, occupies the border region between theatre and film, between great narratives and quotidian events, between the theatre space and the street. In this fertile and hard-to-classify territory, the artist proposes alternative perspectives that manifest as new aesthetic and political ways of understanding the world, the other and ourselves. During 2018, the Artist of the City Biennial challenges lisboetas to a journey through the land of multiple borders that is the theatre of Christiane Jatahy.

The first part of the year will focus on her plays. In May, the National Theatre D. Maria II will show Julia, an adaptation of Miss Julie, by August Strindberg; What If They Went to Moscow, based on The Three Sisters, by Anton Chekhov; and The Walking Forest, inspired by William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. There will be time for Christiane Jatahy to give a workshop directed at students and professionals in performing arts and for the Lisbon launch of the book Invisible Borders: dialogues for the creation of ‘The Walking Forest’, about the creative process behind this piece. Lastly, ITHACA – Our Odyssey 1, based on Homer and other inspiration, will be presented in the São Luiz Theatre in June, as part of the Alkantara Festival. The four plays based on existing texts aim to provoke new debate, constantly disrupting conventional logic on stage.

At the end of the summer, it will be time to look at Christiane Jatahy’s work that moves away from the stage and ever closer to film. The Brazilian creative’s transition between two universes happens in Moving People, a performance-documentary, which in September will be presented in a container installed in the Museum of Lisbon, and which calls for the participation of immigrants in the city. In November, as part of the Temps D’Images Festival, Cinema Ideal will show Utopia.doc and In the Comfort of Your Own Home, documentaries directed by Jatahy; the São Jorge Cinema will screen the film The Absence that Moves us, and Fidelio, a recording of her opera in the Municipal Theatre of Rio de Janeiro; and the Cinemateca Portuguesa will show films chosen by the artist. To conclude the programme of Artist of the City 2018, the São Luiz Theatre will open its doors from half past five in the evening until half past six in the morning to host The Absence that Moves us, a video-installation, consisting of thirteen continuous hours of filming projected on three screens in real time. Film, happening and celebration involve the public in a live performance.