DCSIMG What if They Went to Moscow? ARTIST OF THE CITY 2018

What if They Went to Moscow?

Based on The Three Sisters, by Anton Chekhov.
by Christiane Jatahy

11th – 13th May
Friday and Saturday, 6pm and 9pm; Sunday, 4pm and 7pm
Garrett Room

What if Moscow could be how we imagined it? What if it was a step towards change? What if it was a leap into the abyss that transported us to the new? From The Three Sisters, by Anton Chekhov, Christiane transposes these questions onto theatre and film, showing them from multiple points of view, creating intersections between reality and fiction, actor and character, past and present. What if They Went to Moscow? is a piece that unfolds in two simultaneous sessions. One is presented in the context of the theatre. The other takes place in a different room, where the filmed and edited version is screened, directly, from the performance. The audience is invited to watch the two versions on the same day.

Performance: Isabel Teixeira, Julia Bernat, Stella Rabello;
Film support cast: Paulo Camacho, Felipe Norkus and Thiago Katona;
Adaptation and script: Christiane Jatahy;
Director of photography and live camera: Paulo Camacho
Set: Marcelo Lipiani;
Costume: Antonio Medeiros and Tatiana Rodrigues;
Musical director: Domenico Lancelotti;
Sound design: Denilson Campos;
Script collaboration: Isabel Teixeira, Julia Bernat, Stella Rabello and Paulo Camacho;
Technical video coordination: Bruno Drolshagen and Felipe Norkus;
Assistant director and artistic interlocution: Fernanda Bond;
Set assistant and prop production: Paula Vilela;
Sound operator: Benhur Machado;
Mixing of sound/film: Diogo Magalhães;
Light operator: Leandro Barreto;
Stage director: Thiago Katona;
Video consulting: Julio Parente;
Production manager and tour manager: Henrique Mariano

A project by Cia Vértice de Teatro

Coproduction Le Centquatre-Paris, Theater Spektakle and Sesc