Filming of the opera by Christiane Jatahy in Rio de Janeiro Municipal Theatre

21st November
schedule to be confirmed

Fidelio is a political opera. It speaks of the injustice of keeping political prisoners incarcerated, of the mixing of personal relationships and power relationships and of the struggle of a woman to rescue her missing husband. Beethoven debuted this piece in 1805, but it could have been yesterday, or it could be today. In addition to bringing the beauty of the Beethoven’s music to the public, staging this opera today can be a way of saying that we don’t need to rewrite the same story tomorrow.
The mise-en-scène reaches out from the rawness of the story to create a space for the beauty of Beethoven’s music and the mastery of Isaac Karabtchevsky. The Rio de Janeiro Municipal Theatre is the setting of the opera. Like a metaphor for the world described in the opera, lights and shadows are cast across the bare stage, emphasised by the enormity of the building, and film enables the immersion into the depths beneath the stage, into the hidden iron structure and the deep dungeons.
In the first act, the singers are the body and the voice of the characters. When the film begins, in the second act, the actors will be the opera’s characters in the film, and the singers will be the voices, thus generating other visions of the story’s characters, other layers; duplicating, tripling and adding to the imagination of the audience in the construction of this world created by Beethoven, which today is so close to us.

Set director and film director: Christiane Jatahy; Director of photography, camera and montage: Paulo F. Camacho; Art director: Marcelo Lipiani; Costumes: Antonio Medeiros and Tatiana Rodrigues; Lighting: Beto Bruel; Cast: Stella Rabello, Julio Machado, Ricardo Santos and Danilo Grangheia; Supporting cast: Aléssio Abdon, Bruno Oliveira, Davi Arap, Davi Cunha, Fabrízio Bezerra, Homero Ferreira, Jean Bodin, Marcello Vilar, Rafael Crooz and Raphael Cassou; Assistant director: Fernanda Bond; Assistant director for the film: Barbara Kahane;
Prop production for the film: Paula Vilela; Costume Assistance: Alessandra Padilha; Makeup Artist: Raphaela Galiza; Camera assistant: Alexandre Mizrahi; Editing assistant: Mikair Lopes; Lighting and light operation assistant: Guinga Ensá; Stage director: Raphael Macedo; Electrician: Leandro Lopes; Video consultation and operation: Julio Parente; Production assistant: Marcelo Mucida; Executive producer: Paula Rollo; Production director: Henrique Mariano