DCSIMG In the Comfort of Your Own Home ARTIST OF THE CITY 2018

In the Comfort of Your Own Home

Producer and director Christiane Jatahy

8th – 15th November
schedule to be confirmed

In 2012, Brazilian artists were invited to take part in an artistic occupation of London as part of the Cultural Olympiad. This project, titled Rio Occupation London, took 30 artists from a wide range of fields – music, theatre, film, visual arts, dance, performance, architecture and design – to stay in London and develop various projects that were spread around its theatres, museums and cultural venues. Christiane Jatahy was the project’s artistic director and produced In the Comfort of Your Own Home: a documentary including all the participating artists, filmed in the homes of English people in different parts of the city. The announcement asked those interested in having work or a performance by an artist from Rio de Janeiro produced in their home to send a letter responding to some questions. This letter served as the basis for the creation of the work and over the course of a month, in a kind of road movie, the encounters of the participating artists and residents of diverse backgrounds were recorded in 30 London homes. The result was shown in a video installation in London and will be exhibited, for the first time, as a documentary film in Lisbon as part of the Artist of the City Biennial 2018.