ITHACA – Our Odyssey I

Production and direction by Christiane Jatahy
Based on Homer and other inspiration

Theatre – national première
As part of the Alkantara Festival
7th – 11th June
Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday, 9pm; Sunday, 5.30pm
Luis Miguel Cintra room stage

©Elizabeth Carrechio /Odéon-Théâtre de l’Europe


About imagined and real odysseys. About Homer’s odyssey and other inspiration. About trying to get home. About who stays and who leaves. About the search for the other. About being foreign. Being a refugee. About war and love. About how we imagine reality and how we build fictions. About the past and the present.
One space is ITHACA. The other is THE PATH TO ITHACA.
Ulysses, of whom there are many, mixes with the Pretendents. And the past catches up with them.
Penelope, of whom there are many, mixes with the Calipsos. And the present catches up with them.
We are all together in the same boat. There is no distinction between the stage and the audience. Between who is experiencing and who is watching.

Performance: Cédric Eeckout, Isabel Teixeira, Julia Bernat, Karim Bel Kacem, Matthieu Sampeur and Stella Rabello; Director, dramaturgy and set: Christiane Jatahy; Artistic collaborator, light and set: Thomas Walgrave; Collaboration in development of scenography: Marcelo Lipiani; Sound designer: Alex Fostier; Director of stills photography: Paulo Camacho; Costumes: Siegrid Petit-Imbert, Géraldine Ingremeau; Video system: Julio Parente; Assistant director: Marcus Borja; Artistic collaborator/tour manager and producer of Cia Henrique Mariano; Production: Odéon-Théâtre de l’Europe

Co-production: Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelas, Teatro São Luiz – Lisbon, Centre Cultural Onassis – Athens; Ruhrtriennale – Germany; Comédie de Genève; Collaborators: CENTQUATRE – Paris

Première: 16th March 2018 in the Odéon-Théâtre de l’Europe, Paris – France