DCSIMG Relation. Reaction. Creation. ARTIST OF THE CITY 2018

Relation. Reaction. Creation.

Workshop by Christiane Jatahy
In partnership with the Lisbon Theatre and Film School

7th – 9th May
Monday to Wednesday, 2pm-7pm
Studio Room

This workshop seeks to present some aspects of Christiane Jatahy’s language of creation. Actors, dancers and performers will have the opportunity to try dramaturgical exercises and systems for actors developed over the course of fifteen years of research and teaching. The objective of these exercises is to expand their capacity for creative response, based on relation and reaction. Stimulating their response to the here and now on stage.

Directed at students and professionals in performing arts
Maximum number of participants: 20 (6 places for ESTC students)
Application period: 2 – 15 April
Announcement of successful candidates: 27 April
Application procedure: send CV and cover letter (max. 1 page each)
Price €50 (free for ESTC students)
Applications at www.tndm.pt