1Space Lab

Programação Alkantara Programme
25 january > 5 February
Espaço Alkantara

© Ana Teresa Ascensão
© Ana Teresa Ascensão

How do we create? How does art relate to life? Fourteen young artists join forces to tackle these questions. Under the name 1Space they collaborate intensively for a number of months to offer a deeper mutual insight in their artistic practices and the possibilities and limitations of their specific working environments. Besides colleagues coming from Palestine, Croatia, Slovenia, South Africa, Burkina Faso, Congo, Syria, Senegal, the Portuguese artists Urândia Aragão, Sofia Dinger and Ana Teresa Ascensão are also part of this gang of fourteen.
After a first lab in October 2015 in a tempestuous Palestine, and a second lab in December in Kinshasa, the group will gather in Lisbon in January under the guidance of Faustin Linyekula (together with the Lebanese architect, writer and artist Tony Chakar), to research questions of Time as a central structuring element in dramaturgy.
In a later phase, starting in Durban in March 2016, the group will start to produce work that will be presented in theatres in Europe and beyond.
1Space is organized by Alkantara together with the KVS (National Theatre) in Brussels and the Ljubljana based Exodos festival, and in close collaboration with non-European partners like the Qattan Foundation (Ramallah), Les Studios Kabako (Kisangani) and Boyzie Cekwana’s  Floating Outfit Project (Durban)..

Participating artists: Ahmed Tobasi, Ana Teresa Ascensão, Asanda Chuma Sopotela , Atta Khattab, Borut Bucinel, Davor Sanvincenti, Eyad Houssami, Momar K. Ndiaye, Nebie Tauwindsida, Pasco Losaganya, Kikunguru, Rimah Jabr, Sofia Dinger , Urândia Aragão Carvalho and Zaina Zaarour; Mentors: Faustin Linyekula and Tony Chakar.