Moving People

Production and direction Christiane Jatahy

20th – 23rd September
Garden of the Museum of Lisbon
schedule to be confirmed

A project about encounters. A space for interlocution with the other, with the others, without cultural barriers of language or History. A space to talk about memory. About utopia. About the future to be built from the new. A common future.
The encounter takes place between people that have moved around in the world, emigrants and refugees that left in search of a new home. In addition to immigrants, a local actor also participates in the performance. The memory of those who come from outside is added to those who are from the city.
Inside a container, a live documentary about the encounter of the immigrants and the actor is filmed, edited and projected each day in the presence of the public. The film is made on-the-spot, sharing ideas and stories, which are stimulated through questions posed by Christiane Jatahy. The public sits on each side of the container and watches the film. At a certain point, the screens are lifted and there is no longer a limit or anything separating those who are watching and those who are telling. The encounter is complete: between the public and the guests, the performance and the film.
The public is asked to bring objects to add to the house that is being constructed. It is these objects brought by the audience that give colour and detail to the film.

We ask immigrants interested in participating to submit a letter or recording responding briefly to the following questions:

1. When you were a child what did you think about journeys?
2. What was Europe for you? What was Iran for you? What was Egypt for you?
3. Describe a dream that you’ve had while sleeping.
4. What clothes were you wearing when you left your country?
5. What did you take with you?
6. Describe your experience.
7. If you had to invent a story to get into Europe, what would it be?
8. What changed in you in this journey?
9. Sing a song from your childhood.
10. What did you think of the crossing?
11. What do you remember seeing or feeling in a crossing that you have made in your life?
11. Do you want to return home? Do you want to leave?
12. What is your main memory of your home?
13. What is home for you?
14. Describe a daydream that you’ve had.
15. What did you do or think in the hours prior to leaving?
16. Describe your utopia.
17. Make a list of things that you would have liked to have done before leaving.
18. What is your home here like?
19. Describe your family background.
20. Tell us something that you would like to say about yourself that you have never told anyone before.
21. Tell us something that you heard before coming that you will never forget.
22. Tell us something that you heard here that you will never forget.

Concept and Director: Christiane Jatahy; Set and Lighting: Thomas Walgrave; Set Co-Production: Marcelo Lipiani; Video: Julio Parente; Camera: Paulo Camacho; Translation assistant: Juliane Elting; Local production: Agnes Oberauer; Production director: Henrique Mariano; Production: Theater der Welt

Co-production: Thalia Theater